Laura Peery

Laura Peery draws inspiration from the New Orleans dress shop her grandmother once owned. The best thing about "College Frocks" were the seamstresses who, with a few selections from their hoards of fabric scraps and matching threads, could magically transform simple garments to perfectly fit each person. Peery spent hours working at her own sewing projects, hoping for such transformations.

When she discovered clay it was the medium's ability to mimic fabric that pulled her in. Her porcelain sculptural teapots, for example, are composed and assembled as if stitched from a dressmaker's pattern. Layered color gives the surfaces a soft, vintage patina. Peery alters each piece until it is, to her eye, exactly the right shape, color, and size—a perfect fit.

Laura Peery received an MFA from George Washington University. Her work has been shown across the USA as well as in Taiwan and Canada and can be found in the permanent collections of several museums, including The Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, The Fuller Museum of Craft, Brockton, MA and The Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC.

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